One Month In Thailand

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Australia 2015-2016

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My Way Back

After a lot of thought, I decided to travel home. I was tired of the stress and was rather homesick. However, I realized after spending the last two months at home, that home isn’t where I want to be at this point in my life. My heart is across the ocean. In a beat up hostel, amongst the dirty rooms and the different accents.

Although I am sad to be leaving family and friends, I couldn’t be more excited about what awaits for me back in Cairns. My body yearns for adventure, mystery and new beginnings. Here’s to travel and good times, and meeting friends that will last a life time.

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The Long-Overdue Update

I have spent five months in Australia, lived in 21 different places, and have been rather broke for quite a long time now. I have met more people from around the world than I could have ever imagined, and have done things that you wouldn’t even think of.

I’ve been living quite an easy life, paying for accommodation only three weeks the entire time I’ve been here. After I quickly worked my way up the East Coast, I settled down in Cairns for awhile (the closest that I will ever be to home on this trip). And it was home, even though the three and a half months spent there was working in a hostel, it may be some of the best three and a half months of my life (at least so far). It was gooood! My heaviest decision was what to do when I wasn’t doing anything. The people I stayed with, I’m not sure what life would be like now without them. I’m talking family members, life long friends, people that I know I’m going to see again and vice versa. It was much harder to leave the Monkey (my Cairns home) than I anticipated. Coming on this trip, I honestly thought I would only have to leave home once. Boy, was I wrong. I can say that I don’t talk to nearly as many people from home than I do talk to people that I’ve met here and moved apart from.

However, it was time for a new adventure. I booked a plane down to Brisbane (where I am now) and got on. The day of my plane, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or where I was staying and I had only $75 left in my pocket. I figured it out about four and a half hours prior to my flight, that I’d be woofing for a family. This is the first time in five months that I’ve been in a family setting, and it is wonderful. My first night, I got a hug from the mother. I cannot put into words the feeling that gave me. And just the other day, I asked about doing the traditional American Thanksgiving feast. It’ll be their first one, but no worries, you could say I’m experienced. Ahhh, Thanksgiving dinner with a family. I couldn’t ask for better.

I am pretty sure that I have never been so happy with my life. I am completely free  to come and go as I please, and I’m able to do anything. I can also say I have never sweat so much in my life compared to the amount I have sweat here. Australia you are too hot for me. I have tanned up and slimmed down thanks to the sun here, also being incredibly broke helps. I have learned here exactly what matters in life and what doesn’t. Every day is now a good day, not that they weren’t before. I see life more clearly now, and the good in everything. Yes of course things happen that get you down or that you wish you could work around. But every thing happens for a reason, I know this now more than never.

I came here traveling with a mate from home, the other day we were asked if we could see each other changing. Both of us after a long pause, said “Yes” and sat in a weird silence while memories upon memories fell into our heads from before Australia. I can see in myself that I have changed. I am more optimistic, very outgoing, conscious about what’s going on around me, a larger appreciation and acceptance for everything surrounding me, and to say the least, I’m getting used to being an adult. But this stuff is hard man!

While here, I’ve found a lot of time on my hands both socially and alone. I’ve played many new games and have learned much more than you would ever learn in a classroom. I have perfected my whistling, singing, and dancing. Although the distance is hard, it’s given me a deeper appreciation for just about everything and the people that matter. This trip has been rather liberating and very humbling. I highly recommend everyone to travel now. People would for real enjoy life and be honestly happy. Just what we all need 🙂

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The Most Interesting Home In Australia

I have been living abroad in Australia for a little over a month now. Within this time, I have tried countless new things, met many new faces, and continue to be surprised with what has been thrown my way. In the time I have been here, I have made twelve places my home, and still have about 15 more months of new homes to go. However, I feel that it is safe to say that I have found one that is by far, not like any other home. I am currently staying in a suburb of Brisbane, one that I actually like quite a bit, St. Lucia. We are a short walk from the Uni and right next to several parks.

I am staying with about 10 other people, and they include: My travel companions Adam and Dylan, who are also from the states. A French girl named Crystal, who is quiet and very good at making dessert. Two German brothers, they like beating the rest of us at everything. Another German backpacker, Martin, so genuine and such a good human being. Two Brazilian guys, Raf and William. They are awesome, and love everyone and everything for what it is. A China man, Wang. He is a character. Probably one of the most hilarious people in the house, but you wouldn’t guess that upon meeting him. Mani, a guy that never comes out of his room, and I think he’s always there. Anthony, a construction worker who is always very loud, still a good guy though! Three Indian men living downstairs, we don’t see them too often but we always hear their music. Bonnie, an Australian-Asian. She loves being active and is very fit. She is dating Matt, aka the leader of the group. He’s a tall, goofy Australian who is filled with intelligence and sarcasm.

When I first walked into this house, I had no idea what to expect. I have been here for a week now, and still have no idea what to expect. From gigantic, all vegetable family dinners, to board games, slack lining, rugby playing, musical instruments all the time, endless work and mess, dumpster diving and sunset chasing. Its all such an experience, and one that I for sure never thought I’d have. Every day, walking into this house is new and interesting. There is nothing I can say to really describe how I’m living right now, and I think that is awesome for the time being. I wish to have more experiences like this one, however I know this one will be hard to beat. Ah, what an insane life I live.

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Independence Day Out of Boundaries

A rather weird 4th of July for us Americans this year, as I was able to spend it amongst good people in a whole new country on the opposite side of the world. Australia, that’s right. Let me first just take a moment to say Cheers! Another year has come and gone America.

We decided in celebration to cook an American style dish on this great day! Nothing fancy, but ‘Merican definitely. Chili dogs! After that, we went down to a bar in Sydney, not far from our Hostel. Free drinks for being from America, Budweiser (fitting). Australians sure do know how to party, and especially how to celebrate! So again, freakin cheers!

Now time to get the show on the road, buckle down, and get to work. My experiences thus far here in the beautiful land of Oz, just keep getting better. I have learned the hard way that things don’t go as planned, including the important things, but keep your head up and put on a smile because its another wonderful day filled with life. Be the best you that you can be. Happy 4th of July, home. #WhoooMerica

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1st Week Down Under

25 hours and 5 minutes later, I made it to Australia. I acquired my tax file number and bank account, and begun my adventures. Currently, I am and have been staying on a farm for free with all the food I could want, and the nicest people, in exchange for manual labour. So far, I have planted an entire field of salt bush, fixed 700 hectors worth of fence, and while learning about sheep, took part in tailing lambs. It was been no less than extraordinary & I’m finding myself doing more things outside of my comfort zone, that actually is rather enjoyable. (Tailing sheep not included). I have been living in the same work and night clothes for about a week now, but could not be more content with my life.

I spent the first full day here in the city of Melbourne, and was very fascinated by all that I have seen. There is so much to see! Beautiful street art, the most magnificent attractions, and talented buskers. My favourite busker, was a man in his mid 20’s who was playing something called a handpan. Never have I heard of it before, but I am still so amazed by the sound it made. So beautiful and unexplainable. I talked to the guy playing it, and he said they are incredibly hard to get. It took him 8 months to get his, and they are only given to truly beautiful people. My new favourite instrument!

Today, I visited the Grampians, which is actually one of the many attractions here in Aussie. It was nothing less than beautiful and I soon hope to return and explore it some more. Aside from how many tourists were there, inevitably, what you see is almost magical. At least in some spots!

Australia is awesome. From driving on the wrong side of the road, to eating vegemite. I wouldn’t change a second of my experience here down under, and look forward to living out the rest of my visa here. Here’s to endless adventures, humble experiences, and loving the life I live! #CheersMate

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